How to Download Call of Duty Mobile On Android & iOS Device [Apk + OBB File Download]

Finally, game publisher Activision released the Call of Duty mobile beta version yesterday in India. You can easily download the beta version of the call of duty from the google play store but first, you need eligible for the early access by pre-register for it.

In case if you are not pre-registered for the call of duty mobile then first you need to register for it on the official website or google play store. But from the last couple of week, the developer of the game paused the beta version for testing and now this version is limited to a country.

What is Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty mobile is a free online multiplayer first-person shooter game announced by Activision. The company also tied up with Tencent to release this shooting game.

The game comes with popular maps, signature weapons, competitive game modes, as well as Modern Warfare and Black Ops content.

Game Modes

Call of duty is a first-person shooting game that features a multiplayer where players fight against each other in different multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Frontline, Solo, Domination and Hardpoint.

Currently, the game only consists of Multiplayer mode where one team play with another team and whichever team gets first 50 kill they win the match. There is also battle royale option available just like the PUBG mobile but it’s not available to play right now.

Control Modes

Call of duty mobile comes with the two control modes such as a simple and advanced mode where you can any of these which you like most.

The simple mode allows you to automatic fire when your crosshair focuses on the enemy. In advanced mode, you need to fire manually.

How to join the call of duty mobile beta?

If you are interested in joining the beta then first you need to register for it. With the help of pre-registration, you can invite for the early access, stay up to date with the latest news, learn about opportunities and get the chance to earn in the game rewards.

  • First, open the call of duty mobile pre-registration page.
  • Scroll down and click on the pre-register now button.
  • Now enter your personal details such as email address, password, location, birthdate and agree to the terms and condition of the game.
  • Submit the form and you will be pre-registered for the game.

Download Call of Duty Apk for Android

If you are not invited for the early access after the pre-registration you can’t download it from the google play store or apple app store.

Call of Duty Mobile New Update

Keep in mind the currently app is only for the beta tester and it does not support all android devices. After the developer done with the testing process it will close the beta server and your data progress will be lost. After the call of duty officially launched you need to start from the fresh.

Final Words: Activision has officially announced that the beta version is currently available in India and also available in Australia soon.

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