Amazon Says Package Delivered But Not Received – Get Refund Within 24 Hours

So you placed an order from Amazon and it shows your package arrive today right, but it didn’t. Today in this guide we are going to share what you should do if an order shows as delivered but not received at your home.

If you are in the same situation then don’t panic because Amazon will refund your all money in case your order will not deliver to your doorstep.

To move out from this situation amazon provide guidelines for a particular issue. Before taking any other steps first you need to check below points.

Point 1: First, check your neighbor or someone else accepted an order at your address.

Point 2: Also, check around your delivery location, Package may be available at your nearest safe place like a garage or porch.

Point 3: You might also find the notification of attempted delivery in your letterbox. If attempted delivery notification is available then follow the instructions to arrange collection of the package or you can also request for redelivery.

Point 4: Sometimes delivery boy not able to find your address because you entered a wrong address. So must check the shipping address was correct on your order.

Point 5: Contact the delivery boy if there is no any additional update of the package.

If you are not in rush then wait for the next 48 hours. Sometimes package tracking shows as delivered while still in transit. Follow below steps for more details.

  • First, open Amazon and login to your account using email id and password.
  • Go to the Track Your Orders section of your account.
  • Now select your order and here you will find the up to date information about your order.
  • If the carrier has marked your order delivered before it actually reaches you then look at the estimated delivery date on your order. If estimate delivery date is not passed then you need to wait and package should be delivered within next few business days.

If estimated de passed then it’s time to take some action. Simply follow below steps to contact Amazon customer care support team directly.

  • First login to your Amazon account and go to the Help section.
  • Now go to Browse Help Topics and click on Customer Services.
  • Click on Contact Us option and here you can see all your recent order on the screen.
  • Select your order you’re having a problem.
  • Scroll down and select an issue with your order from the drop-down menu as Where’s My Stuff.
  • Choose tracking shows delivered but item not received from issue details.
  • Now there are different options available to contact customer care like live chat, phone call and send an email.

Amazon will investigate the case and it will issue your refund or redelivered to you according to your choice.

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